We used American Customs &  Classics to find, inspect and import a 1969 Chevrolet Nova to New Zealand for us.

The service we got was great.  They searched all over USA for something that would suit what we required.  We had lots of photos of cars that they had inspected, until they found us the car we were waiting for.  The documentation and inspection report was very helpful.  Well worth the wait, as you can't buy anything like this in New Zealand.

They also got the Low Volume Cert and VIN done for us, in a very quick time.

I would recommend American Customs & Classics to help anyone find their dream car.

Geoff Kitson

1969 Chevrolet Nova

We would like to thank Andy from American Customs & Classics for helping us purchase our 1966 GTA Ford Fairlane. We found that Andy had a wealth of knowledge in the American car scene. He was very thorough, providing accurate information about cars he inspected for us. We ended up purchasing our Fairlane through a Mecum auction. Andy checked out the car providing excellent photos and commentary. This was an interesting experience for all involved.

We did not encounter any issues with the car transportation to the Port, and our car arrived in NZ, on time, as advised by Andy. We are extremely happy with our purchase and the professional service Andy provided.

Steve and Megan

1966 GTA Ford Fairlane

Having contracted Andy to locate and purchase a Mk1 Fastback, I was presented with a number of options with a range of styling and concepts, from classic to rest-mod; fixer-upper to showpieces.  I was amazed at the amount of research and legwork he went to in order to find me the car I wanted.  From there, it was a round of discussions on what I was getting for my money and the bargain he was able to get for me by putting the hard sell on the dealers in the US.
Importing and compliance was all taken care of (a bureaucratic mess I knew nothing about!), which made it a breeze for me.  Once up to NZ code and signed off, I was then able to just hop in and drive away.  It was by far the best experience I've had with a car purchase, especially considering the number of hassles I see others have written about in magazines, doing it all themselves. For service and professionalism, I would highly recommend ACAC as a safe and easy company to deal with, and the result is my pride and joy, cruising down the highway!

Robert Bagnall

1966 Ford Mustang Fastback